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Hands In Touch

ASL Curriculum Level 1

After years of trying to teach using different resources, constantly adapting them to meet my needs, creating a variety of assessments, and supplementing my own ideas to make learning fun and engaging, I decided it was time to put everything together in one convenient, cohesive curriculum. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. Teaching now is so much easier and a lot more engaging for my students. 


I didn't want other teachers to have to spend their time like I did, spending countless hours lesson planning, writing quizzes, tests, finals, creating activities, etc., so I published the materials in a comprehensive package called Hands In Touch ASL Curriculum. 


Now ASL teachers can focus on teaching and connecting with students, rather than curriculum development and lesson planning.


My hope is that this will bring back the joy of teaching such a wonderful and expressive language, and that your students will have fun in the process. • Fremont, CA

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