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ASL Curriculum created specifically for High Schools

Finally! An ASL (American Sign Language) curriculum designed specifically for high school students and high school teachers.

Tired of having to adapt textbooks to meet the needs of your students? Running out of ideas for fun activities that will help your students practice and engage in learning? Are you spending more time creating comprehensive tests and quizzes than you do teaching and connecting with students? We've been there, that's why we have created a comprehensive curriculum that practically teaches itself

ASL High School Curriculum

Everything you need is included:

• Student text that contains grammar rules in concise, easy to understand terms with examples.
• This curriculum also includes a written component of ASL to comply with the standards of many colleges that require a written component for their foreign language admissions requirements.
• Each lesson has a section on culture that covers a variety of topics from Deaf etiquette to the history of ASL.
• Review questions at the end of each lesson to reinforce learning and review past concepts.


•  New and improved  student homework modules with high definition video-and easier to navigate menus. Request a sample below to review these new modules.

• On-line modules include vocabulary,  practice sentences and review.


At the end of one year using this curriculum, your students will have a vocabulary of over 500 signs and have an understanding of the major sentence structures and facial expressions used in ASL

New! Updated
Home work videos!

ASL Curriculum

The Teachers' Manual Contains:

• Sample lesson plans to follow.
• Student activities for each lesson to reinforce vocabulary and grammar concepts.
• Easy-to-understand explanations of all activities.
• Everything you need to do the activities is included. (Ready-to-use materials) 
• Two quiz versions for each lesson.
• A comprehensive test that covers vocabulary, grammar, and culture for every two lessons.
• A colorful Power Point presentation to be used as a review before each test.
• Two versions each of a comprehensive 100-multiple-choice final for the mid term and end of the year.
• Final tests with video component
• Online audio files  to be played at the beginning of each class for the students to practice vocabulary and sentence structure.

Want more info? Fill out the infomation below and we will send you a link to Hands In Touch Level 1 Preview Page.
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