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Hands In Touch 

Level 2 ASL Curriculum

The Hands In Touch Level Two curriculum reinforces and adds to what they learned in level one, but it also allows them to have a lot more fun using what they've learned in engaging, life-applicable situations. Each thematic-based unit allows for students to interact using the language in pairs or groups culminating in an end presentation. Students are motivated to learn the vocabulary and grammar because it is all geared toward their end presentation. 

The Unit Themes Are:

Unit 1: All About Me

Unit 2: Vacation Getaway

Unit 3;  Plan A Party

Unit 4:  Into Africa
Unit 5:  In The Courtroom

EVERYTHING is online!

The homework includes slides that teach/reinforce the grammar rules along with an interactive quiz at the end. Student scores are sent to the teacher and include the time it was taken, how long it took the student to complete, which questions were incorrect, and how many attempts for each question.

There are a LOT of activities and games. All quizzes, tests, finals, PowerPoint test reviews, and an audio of vocabulary are included. No more storing piles of papers! The teacher's manual is online and includes a daily syllabus to make lesson planning easier, and all resources are available with just a click on the links available in the teacher's manual. The links are also color-coded: red for teacher only (test answers, evaluation sheets, etc.), purple for pages that need to be copied for student distribution (tests, blank calendar for practice, etc.), and blue for student links to homework modules and video of vocabulary)


Actual student comments when asked about their favorite unit:


"The All About Me unit was my favorite because I got to do show and tell and share a personal experience."--Jacquie


"The Vacation Getaway because it was like I really went on a vacation. And a good way to plan money."--Diana


"Unit Vacation getaway because it made me feel like I was there and it made me dream big."--AJ


"The party unit because we got freedom to teach the class something and bring in something."--Camryn


"Africa unit because of the animal signs and learning about Andrew Foster."--Titus


"Africa, learned lots of new things."--Jay


"Courtroom. It was fun improvising and being well fluent w/signs helped alot. Overall, very fun."--Sean


"Courtroom, because I liked the whole process leading up to the actual presentation."--anonymous

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