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Hands In Touch

ASL Curriculum

About the Authors 

Cheryl Perez and James Andrews, who have over 56 years of combined experience teaching ASL in public high school to a very diverse population ethnically, socially, and academically, have put together this comprehensive curriculum to make your job easier. They understand how hearing high school students learn best and how to keep them excited and motivated while learning this wonderful language. Their desire is that you, as a teacher, can focus on your students and teaching, rather than spending your time creating or adapting curriculum to meet the unique needs of your students.

Hands In Touch ASL Level 1 Curriculu
Student Workbook and DVD or Online Access.


PRICE: $75.00 Each Student

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Hands In Touch ASL Level 1 Teacher's Manual 
Two binder set with activities, lessons, quizzes, Power Point test reviews, unit tests and final exams. 


PRICE: $550.00

Hands In Touch Level 2 Curriculum - Student Modules
Online access to interactive homework modules, quizzes, test and activities. 


Call for Class Pricing
Hands In Touch Level 2 - Teacher's Manual
Online access to the complete teacher's manual with daily syllabus. 


PRICE: $450.00
To order or for more information, please email Tony Perez at: or call 510-714-7630
We accept Purchase Orders from Private and Public Schools and Districts.  
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