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Thank you for your interest in the Hands In Touch curriculum. 


The Hands in Touch Level 2 Teacher’s Manual features:

●     5 interesting, life-applicable, thematic-based units that each culminate in a student presentation

●     A vocabulary of over 350 signs, including grammar concepts that relate to the unit theme

●     Approximately 35 unique games and activities to help practice and reinforce concepts.

●     Corresponding, online, interactive homework modules

●     A suggested daily syllabus for 36 weeks of lesson planning

●     Active links throughout the teacher’s manual that take you directly to the needed resources.

●     Quizzes, tests, PowerPoint test reviews, comprehensive semester finals, final review sheets, printable resources for activities--EVERYTHING you need!




Interactive Online Homework Modules

●     review key concepts through slides and videos so students can go at their own pace

●     help reinforce and practice vocabulary

●     have fun, interactive homework that reduces cheating

●     results sent directly to your email


Thematic units

●     fun, engaging, and life-applicable themes

●     builds concepts and vocabulary needed for a final presentation at the end of each unit

●     ability to learn beyond the curriculum by generating a list of unknown vocab words needed for presentations and activities

●     games and activities for each unit that correspond to the theme

●     activities and projects that encourage interaction and use of the language among students


Students have an opportunity to:

●     Think critically

●     Problem-solve

●     Be creative

●     Work collaboratively as well as individually

●     Learn beyond the given curriculum

●     Think globally

●     Take what they’ve learned outside the classroom

Here is a pdf of the teacher resource page:

This includes all the resources needed. When you purchase the curriculum, the links will be activated and you will only need to click on the desired link to go to that resource.



Here is a pdf of the student resource page:**

These are the links to the student homework modules and vocabulary review.

(students are given the link to watch the slides/videos and answer the questions online. Students’ scores, times, and attempts for each question, will be sent to your email)

**The links on this page will be activated upon purchase, but here are some samples that you can preview now:




Here is a link to a preview of the introduction section to the Teacher’s Manual as well as Unit 2: Vacation Getaway.

Links on purchased curriculum will be activated.


Actual student comments when asked about their favorite unit:


"The All About Me unit was my favorite because I got to do show and tell and share a personal experience."--Jacquie


"The Vacation Getaway because it was like I really went on a vacation. And a good way to plan money."--Diana


"Unit Vacation getaway because it made me feel like I was there and it made me dream big."--AJ


"The party unit because we got freedom to teach the class something and bring in something."--Camryn


"Africa unit because of the animal signs and learning about Andrew Foster."--Titus


"Africa, learned lots of new things."--Jay


"Courtroom. It was fun improvising and being well fluent w/signs helped alot. Overall, very fun."--Sean


"Courtroom, because I liked the whole process leading up to the actual presentation."--anonymous

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